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    Lend a helping hand-

    Never heard of Ever been stuck wondering if your BB connection is out, or is it just you? You may not have heard of them but chances are you have used, or gotten information because of them. They are a one of a kind site, not only posting if there is an outage but if its being resolved, or if it already has a trouble ticket submited. a sister site to provides all of us with the when, where, how long, how big of all data outages no matter how small they are, unlike which only reports on major outages. You can find them on twitter, and their own website where they have an outage calendar and an up to date blog. One big thing they have are their mailing lists, which range from BES Admin's to BB app dev's list. Anytime I have posted an outage on the site here, I check there first, we even link their sister site from our data outage sub forum.

    So now you are asking yourself whats the point of all this? is asking for help to keep their service running. While it seems out of sorts for a website to ask for money think of the time involved trolling the net for all the info required, or posting, or heck even opening the probably 100's of emails they receive. So if you can donate to a great cause, even a dollar can add up quick.

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    Come on everyone, lets give Dataoutages a helping hand. I just Donated $5... If everyone on BBOS donates 2-3 dollars even that will help. They have a great service and it would be a shame to see them go under. Lets not let that happen!!!

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