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    Between my wife and myself we have the problem that photos are hard to transfer between our 2 Bold 9000's.
    The method we use for sending photos is to take a photo, then select on the rhs the email logo, and select "send to messenger contact" The BBM 5 (both using, the latest official BBM) gives us the choice to switch application or close, normally close, BB then sends photos as full resolution (1600*1200, 430kB Jpeg).

    Before this I was using in which I could crop or zoom the photo and a screen size (320*240) size would be sent.

    I tried "Shrinkit" from to make the photos smaller, however the wife still claims that she can't receive the photos?

    If she sends me a photo with BBM then I accept and the progress bar comes up and normally fails at about 70%.:irked:

    Before the latest update to BBM5 we would send via BBM5 snapshots for each other, and if we wanted to have full photos we would email them.
    Now we just resort to email of photos, which are always large.

    Since we are in different countries for a couple of months we would like to get this working again. Any suggestions?:hail:
    Unfortunately I don't think anyone has figured this out yet.

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    Since upgrading to the new official OS the ability to send and receive pics over BBM has improved but still fails too often.....GRRRRRRR

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    is RIM aware of this issue? is there a way to open up a complain or trouble ticket ?

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