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    Question BBM5: cant join group

    my friends invites me but i cant join to them and invitation message(s) pushed to my email folder not in BBm5 app. invitation message(s) informed if i will join those group(s) follow link "bbg:ARZMYXNrYXIgQ2hlcmJvbn5pNHJqcjlUBzhZZyBzdWthIG phbWJsYW5nLCBoIG1vZWwsIHNzLCBqdW1ibyBkbGwgYXlvb28g Z2FidW5nICEhIQIEIOvTywgV4pa6IERpYW4gRGFybWF3YW4g4p eEAwiLa2O1B69wUAUCGlcGCAAAASRbuAGJCgIABQ==;"
    unfortunately, this link cant do anything.

    im using 9530 os 4.7...167 hybrid v7.1
    bbm5 is official app.

    pls help resolve my problem...

    thx & rgrd

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    sunkast Guest
    Is the link clickable? What happens when you click on it? What version of BBM5 do you have installed?

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    case closed pals (just now)

    but i'll answer sunkast questions first before explain the resolution (from RIM server)
    - link couldnt clickable.
    - no respons at all
    - v5.0.0.33 official.

    now, i joined groups friends of mine after rim's server pushed an new icon for latest upgrade BBM5 and i followed his link/instruction. im not sure what the rim's purposes pushed new upgraded BBM5.

    anyway, thank's for ur respons sunkast.


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