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    BlackBerry Groups - A Collective of Groups

    BlackBerry Groups is not a week old, so I might be a bit forward here,
    But I'm looking for a collection/group of jewellers that are on Blackberrys.

    Its all well and good to create a new group, but what if theres one allready created for something that interests you, surely you'll reach far more people reching to those whom have already created a group.

    But the bigger picture is, Groups in general i.e. Golf, Cars, Teaching, Swimming, anything you want connecting you to blackberry users who are likeminded to you, were can you find them? I guess you cant, yet.

    My Pin 2564fd65

    My Group is "Jewellers on BB's"

    Description - Jewellers Who Are On BlackBerrys

    Jewellers On BB’s

    Jewellers on BB's~Qupe8Tn_barcode(2)
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