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Thread: Blackberry Messenger OTA Links & Findings Thread

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    @tamara...That would be my first suspect as well....

    Most devices have to have a higher build in order for the New 5.0 messenger to properly work.

    Do you happen to know which OS she currently has on the device?

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    Help! Bbm no longer supported by rim

    i'm using the beta version of BBM and i received a message from the BBM support team telling me that i can no longer use BBM unless i download the update from the appworld website. unfortunately my data plan is basic (email and bbm), so i can't download it.

    does anyone have the cod/alx files for BBM v5.0.0.33 they can send me or an OTA file that i can use through my 'explore' function on my media card? i've tried the OTA files from all the forums, but no one has one that works.

    using 8330 os4.5.0.127


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