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    Just for the record - I successfully did this OTA with 191 - so it is possible for folks disbelieving.

    Thank you for the direct link. When I goto applications and then goto the ALX file I get an error saying that this item is not compatible with your device?

    But that load method looks like it will work, I will see if I can find another.

    Edit I just realized that the folders say 4.7.1.. if i remember thats for the tour. Thanks though.

    Just thought I would again update folks, while I did not find a 4.7.0 OTA or Download of BBM, I read Crucial's post over on Crackberry about searching for and destroying VENDOR.XML (even in hidden locations). It really works Thanks to that I was able to install 4.7.0 from my Desktop Manager like I was supposed to.
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