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    Blackberry Messenger OTA links

    So with the cascade of leak recently it seems one of the biggest issues is the loss of BBM, whether it is the 4.7 or the 5.0 version. Well to help in this issue we have consolidated the OTA links for BBM in this thread.

    These are OTA (over the air links) you will want to click on these links with your Blackberry to install to your phone.

    BBM click here
    BBM 4.7 click here

    The following OTA's are for the leaked 5.0. These are not the that were officially released

    BBM 5.0(4.7/storm) click here

    BBM 5.0 (For 4.7.1/Tour) click here

    BBM 5.0 (For 4.5/Curve) click here

    BBM 5.0 (For 4.6/Bold) click here

    BBM 5.0 (For 4.6.1/8900) click here

    BBM 5.0 (For 5.0/All) click here

    BBM 5.0 (For 5.1/Storm2) click here

    If OTA is either not working for you or you feel more comfortable installing through the desktop. Use the below the link which includes all the above BBM versions. Once downloaded just extract the one you needs and run loader.exe and install on your phone.

    desktop install all versions

    **Thanks to Lyricidal for all the links**
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