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    BBM 5.0 & Operating software question

    I have been looking all over and I am getting a TON of questions for this. So far to get answers I have been scouring all the help threads, but I have yet to find a place where someone says "These are the OS's required to do this". (By the way, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your help. Ya'll have been a life saver!!!)

    What is the minimum OS to be able to run BBM 5.0 on the....

    8220 users use the files for 4.6

    81xx users use files for 4.5 again, the higher your OS is, the more chances you have

    Tour 9630? - (Official VZW release)
    Storm 9530? - minimum - newest
    Storm 9500?
    Bold 9000?
    Curve 8900?
    Curve 8350? - use the files for 4.6
    Curve 8330? - minimum - newest
    Pearl 8220? - use the files for 4.6 - newest
    Pearl 8130?- UKN minimum - newest
    And any other models I may have missed.

    I know for the Curve 8330 you have to have a minimum of and the latest release is

    I know for the Storm 9530 you have to have a minimum of which is the latest release.

    What about the pearl 8130? Can BBM 5.0 even run on the latest? If I am reading correctly, you can get via Bell Mobility. Will this support BBM?

    (I have gone back through the list of help threads and collected what I could find and confirm. If any info needs to be udpated, please let me know or feel free to.)
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    already there that could use the blackberry messenger 5.0 in bold with OS 5.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenleksono View Post
    already there that could use the blackberry messenger 5.0 in bold with OS 5.0?
    Welcome to ! Sorry BBM 5.0 does not work on any OS higher than

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    Thank you for the info

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