An update has been released in the Beta Zone for the BlackBerry Traffic app. Below is the change log added to the update:

Please see below for fixed issues and improvements in BlackBerry Traffic version

*Fixed* Overlap Text: The overlapping text bug displayed in the “Options” menu screen has been corrected.

*Fixed* Device Lock: When pressing the lock key, 6.0+ OS devices will now lock when application is in the foreground.
*Fixed* “Include Street Names” box: When checking the “Include Street Names” box in "Guidance Options", the application will no longer automatically default to “High-Quality Audio”.
*Improvement* Initial Voice Guidance Instruction: “Arriving at destination” audible guidance is now enforced upon arrival.

*Improvement* Guidance Options: Wording changed in “Guidance Options” menu screen to "Standard Audio - Faster Download" and "Enhanced Audio - Louder and Clearer".