BlackBerry Messenger Will Officially Hit App World Soon (Version Unknown)
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Thread: BlackBerry Messenger Will Officially Hit App World Soon (Version Unknown)

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    BlackBerry Messenger Will Officially Hit App World Soon (Version Unknown)

    For those of you that know me well, you know that I am a BBM nut. BBM is one of the main reasons why I continue to stay with BlackBerry. It is one of those amazing super app, that only gets better and better. I personally have had the opportunity to use BBM6 from the beta zone, and it is a solid app.

    It is amazing, however it has had some bugs. These bugs have been getting fixed version by version and RIM has said they are close to an official release. It looks like BBM6 will be released to App World within the next 24 hrs, however we do not know what version. We have heard unconfirmed reports about which version is going to release. The version is either going to be v6.0.0.111, which would be a shame, or v6.0.0.125. I, as well as some other BBOS staff, are hoping that the official version is NOT 111. 111 is currently the newest version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and has a few known bugs that need fixing.

    Why would RIM release this version to the public? Those who are reporting that 111 is the new release must be wrong. We are not sure if it will be 125 or some other version.

    As soon as we get more information and screenshots we will update you with more information.

    Update: We now have confirmation that the update is NOT .111, we will let you know more when we find out.
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    This waiting for the official new version of Blackberry Messenger is getting frustrating.

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    I hope this official version would be a solid version.

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