The BlackBerry Beta Zone has released a brand new app today for all its members to test out: Ticketmaster 2.0 for BlackBerry. As many of you know, Ticketmaster is the most popular ticketing service for events, concerts, games; etc in the world. As BlackBerry users though there was never an app for it that worked the way we needed it to. Well with this new native app we'll be able to:
  • Search for events, concerts; etc.
  • Filter search by local events, popular events, and refine searches based on location and date.
  • Added is also integration with BlackBerry native Calendar to be able to save and set reminders for important events.
  • Reviews can also be viewed and read under each event category.

If you're a member of the Beta Zone and would like to give this a try head on over there and join the program by clicking here.

Also, let us know what you think about this new native app in the forums!