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    BBM for PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge, "coming within a few weeks"

    A lot of you BlackBerry users out there were very eager today as you grabbed hold of your new Tablet to try out the cornerstone feature of 'Social BlackBerry' - the BlackBerry Messenger app. But only eyes of disappointment set in for users as BlackBerry Messenger is not yet available on the PlayBook via BlackBerry Bridge. CrackBerry was able to get a hold of RIM about this. RIM answered:

    …a software update for BBM functionality is expected to be available within a few weeks, and customers will be able to download the software update over-the-air.
    Are you one of the disappointed? Should RIM have had BBM set in place on launch?

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    Of course I'm disappointed! This is a big let-down but, more importantly, this is a huge mistake by Research In Motion. This was one (if not THE) selling points of the Playbook, and it's not even available for WEEKS after the already-horribly-late release?

    RIM is already well behind of the tablet development curve, losing out to (obviously) Apple with 2, Samsung, Motorola... Sure, none of these devices offer BBM (duh), but they offered all of their flagship applications right out of the box!

    There was plenty of time to develop this software; years, in fact, went by and this was neglected. It makes me wonder if RIM even cares about its customers ='/

    ---> I wonder what the reasoning would be presented by current owners NOT to be disappointed?

    ---> AT&T is still blocking the download of the BlackBerry Bridge application, which is an extra hindrance that doesn't surprise me.

    ... I'm wondering which of my relationships is the most unhealthy, AT&T or RIM ...? Heh heh

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    Rim sucks

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