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With the flurry of new videos that have released today with Mobile World Congress 2011, it just wouldn't be complete without a BB Messenger news update from RIM. As announced recently by RIM, BlackBerry Messenger will have a mobile gifting platform in which users will be able to integrate with BlackBerry App World and carrier billing systems to allow BlackBerry subscribers to instantly gift airtime, apps and other carrier services from one subscriber to another using BBM. Not much of a cosmetic change going on, but some other new features discussed in the video will be:

  • More freedom and ability to send files of larger sizes and video to BBM contacts.
  • BBM chat within 3rd party applications with the ability to interact with other users in games, media, ect.

Developer Tools are suppose to be released by RIM sometime by March, and BlackBerry users will see the new BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 roll out sometime around May of this year.

Any else you would like to see in BBM 6.0? Leave us a comment below.