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    Lightbulb Blackberry messenger wont update pictures of contacts

    Hello fellows of bbos

    here a new issue i have bring to you guys to see if you could help me out, i have 3 diferent blackberrys with me 8900, 8520 and 8320 i have done everything to make them work i wipe the device and reload the OS and then upgrade bbmessenger< this worked for a week then again same problem i just upgrade the OS< this did nothing at all, after this i erased bbmessenger and downloaded again< worked until i load the bbmessenger backup(and am talking of both backups locally and remotely) and as the last solution i found was wipe device with command line or any app you like and what I did was upgrade bbmessenger after loading lastest OS and add 1 by 1 all the contacts, but heres the deal I have over 900 contacts its tooo way long to do this, so if someone comes up with something please let me know, this problem has been getting bigger i have in one week seen this in more than 20 blackberry units all diferent type diferent OS:bigeyes:

    PD> I just recieve an 9700 from AT&T with same problem

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    If you could post in your native language, we might be able to translate and give you some help. We cannot make sense of your post the way it is written.

    Better idea, send me a private message in your native language.

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