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    Smile New way to add others to BBM >> it's different

    Hi Guys ..

    I have new way to add others to Blackberry Messenger ( BBM ) by Barcode . This method is valid for your contact and your group . All you have to do is follow this ways .

    to make your barcode ..

    First : go to blackberry messenger then press on your profile next press on Display My Barcode then press Black Berry logo and press on Save Barcode Image after that set the place which you want to save image to them .

    to add others by barcode ..

    go to blackberry messenger then go to contat next press on invite contact after that pres on Scan a Person's barcode ..

    my barcode private to my contact ..

    .. and barcode for my group :

    Best wishes to all ..

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    Can't you add people by their mobile mumbee as well? I'm sure I've done that before.

    I don't actually have ANY contacts on BBM at the moment so if anyone wants to add me or me add anyone else just pm me and you can have my BlackBerry PIN!!!

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