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    BBM 5.0 stopped working suddenly.

    Hi, I kinda need some help. I had bbm 5 for my curve 8330 for about a month. It worked fine until it just died on me out of the blue. I've taken it in to mts (my carrier) and the techs have played with it without any success. I have an old version on it now. (4.5) But its kinda archaic. I was told the 4.5 os doesn't support bbm 5.0, but if so, why does everybody I know who has the same bb as me (same os also), have no problems at all? Do i have any options besides updating to a newer version like bbm 4.7? It just bugs me that mine is the only one out of the half-dozen I know of that work properly. Any help'd be greatly appreciated.

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    You should be able to go to right from your phone and install the latest 5.0 version of BBM... I have it working just fine on an 8320.

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