Here is the fix to Quicklaunch back to previous builds

**Please Make sure you have backed everything up prior.**

1. Download and install Crackutil
2. Download file Quicklaunch_Fix_141 or Quicklaunch_Fix_148
3. Extract .cods to a folder and drop the Quicklaunch_Fix folder in the directory C/Program Files/Crackutil
4. Right click on Crackutil desktop icon, and select "Run as Aministrator"
6. Select Load File to Device
7. Navigate to and select the six for .141 or nine for .148 files in this order:
  1. net_rim_plazmic_mediaengine_smil_format
  2. net_rim_plazmic_mediaengine
  3. net_rim_cldc_io_impl
  4. net_rim_cldc You will get an App Error 205 when this one reboots. Its ok, it will correct itself with #6 cod you load
  5. net_rim_bb_options_app
  6. net_rim_bb_apps_framework
    And these additional ones for .148
  7. net_rim_bb_phone_resource
  8. net_rim_bb_phone_app This fixes Quicklaunch, but leaves a media error
  9. net_rim_media This fixes the media error

***NOTE*** After each loading, the phone will reboot. Do not unplug phone until all six for .141 or 8 for .148 are overwritten. These are major phone files. You will get errors until they are all done.

8. Let the phone reboot and your Quicklaunch problem is fixed.

This works on 9530 and 9500!!!!

Thanks to lyrical for the research on the cod's

After trying numerous times to overwrite the 5 cods he suggested, I kept getting an App Error 202 or 205. After trying a few other combination, I found that the net_rim_bb_apps_framework was the key to prevent the error.


1. Vista users make sure you install Crackutil as Administrator and change Compatability to Run this program as an administrator.

If you do not feel comfortable with ANY of these steps DO NOT ATTEMPT, as this is altering you OS and can brick your phone...