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    Gimme a hand with photos and videos

    I am not really being too specific just wanna ask if you can give me some (shortcuts and or pointers and tricks) Like, can i highlight more than one photo at a time to delete and or move to a different folder in ur media card? Let's say you were going to make a video and send it to another cell via would you do it(how long or short would you want it to be and is there a recommended setting for it to be)?

    I know i need to upgrade my card, I have an 8330m with 2gb and I am going to get a Tour for me and my wife, so maybe someone can recommend a brand and or site to get a 16gb card from too.
    Thanks I am no expert with the berry yet, I am just asking for some tips to save time and headaches when dealing with photos and vids on the berry. I deploy and work away from home. So my wife and I send pics to each other alot.
    I actually just got pics with William Forsyth (Sheriff Wydell from "House of 1000 Corpses") and pics with two of the many Jasons, one with the original Michael Myers, and of the actress that was in "30 Days of Nights", and last one with a guy that was in the original "Dawn of the Dead".

    I am lovin the quality of the camera that berries have and not to mention that the Tour is suppose to have a better one that mine has.

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    I cannot comment correctly on your questions about the ability to select multiple pictures at one time or the parameters for MMS.

    This is what I recommend for your Sans Disk Card. I would find a card that had the highest possible Class rating that you can find. The higher the class rating the faster the transfer properties.

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