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    Thank you all once again for your help!

    I don't mean to keep beating the dead horse and you don't have to respond to this, but that is why I'm confused.

    If I resend the service books and the yahoo Icon will show up, why isn't it possible one day to see other email accounts with new icons? That is what led me to believe that the Service books could be the way to get that done. I mean, if Yahoo's icon can be changed why can't Gmail and or any other third party? There must be some OS exception to allow the Yahoo Icon and not the GMail and/or any other email.

    Thanks again!

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    I have followed all the step and my icon still doesn't change. I have a 8530! What is the numbered file name for that? I have 1-52-52.png but it won't change. I did a battery pull and a resend service books and still nothing. I even go back to BBFileScout and the file is still the one I want but still no update on menu. Any suggestions?

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    Changing the email icons for Blackberry Curve 8530

    This is for the Curve 8530 only!! Settings and steps may change depending on your model of phone.

    Step 1: Download the FileScout app from Blackberry App World
    Step 2: Install FileScout (Puts it in your downloads folder Can be moved at desired location)
    Step 3: Download the Email file for the very first thread of this post
    Step 4: Open any of the files with your image editor (photoshop,gimp, etc.)
    *Note* ANY icon you want (I make my own) it HAS to be Doubled as you see in the picture you have opened. It can't be just a single picture or it won't work. Well it becomes a single picture when you're done. You have to edit your photo with layers and editing tools. I'm not explaining how to done this. If you know how to edit photos you know what I'm talking about.

    Before Image: After Image:
    *Note* I personally like transparent backgrounds (If you do too use your software to take any background out) The after image has transparent background so you could use that as a default image. Then you can replace with your desired icon.

    Step 5: File creation is done and put in desired location on your hard drive
    Step 6: Open your BB Desktop Manager
    Step 7: Connect your Blackberry and click on the pictures link on the left pane
    Step 8: Sync your desired icons and disconnect BB when prompted
    Step 9: Go to FileScout on your BB
    Step 10: Go to SDcard/Blackberry/pictures/filename.png
    *Note* file has to be .png
    Step 11: select your desired file click Blackberry button or menu button
    Step 12: select put on vClipboard
    Step 13: back out of the the directories using the back button
    *Note* backing all the way out of filescout with loose your vClipboard picture
    So just go only as far as you see SDcard and Store option
    Step 14: Go to store/appdata/rim/bda/icons/emails UID
    *Note* if bda is caps like so "BDA" and or "ICONS" make sure they are lowered like so "bda" and "icons". You find your emails UID by going to from the main menu Options/Advanced Options/ Service Books. Select your email and note it is the CMIME not the other. Example UID:BISxxxxxxxxx. So now you know your UID and mine is automatic so I just just the right one.
    Step 15: Use should be in the location stated in Step 14. Now Click the menu button and select copy "filename.png'
    Step 16: Delete the original file 1-52-52.png and rename the one you just put in to the file name 1-52-52.png
    Step 17: Close out of the filescout
    Step 18: Either resend service books which I do because it's faster or do a batter pull
    Step 19: See the changes
    Step 20: Happy Iconning

    Thank you to the original poster and I will definately buy the filescout when my trial is up!

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