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    Question Operating & Setup for BerryBuzz 2.0...

    I have a BB 8330 Curve and I downloaded BerryBuzz a couple of days ago. I am getting the LED notifications settings okay, but the MP3s that I am using for ringer notifications seems to ring after the LED notifications or not at all! :irked:

    How do I have to set the ORIGINAL RIM notifiers?

    And how do I have to set the BerryBuzz notifiers to work the way I want them to work? In other words, The phone only has ones setting while the SMS Message indicator has two, the other for BerryBuzz 2.0 How do I have to set them up, exactly?

    Furthermore, the notifications that only have the RIM (original) notification (without "BerryBuzz" in parenthesis) how do I need to set them because they don't have any settings through Berrybuzz, how do I have to keep them set? I am frustrated as hell right now I like the application but just want it to work correctly. :aargh4:

    I guess my main question is how do I set the BERRYBUZZ and the ORIGINAL RIM message indicators to correctly along side one another to get my desired effects that I want which is for BerryBuzz to work they way it should. Thanks.

    Sorry, if I repeated myself. I am trying to vent my frustrations out on this forum, so forgive me if you feel like I am "yelling"... Honestly. I am not. :no:

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    Welcome to BlackberryOS. Let me see if I can find someone that has this app that can assist you.

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    which one?
    good question
    All of them
    Wirelessly posted (Bold 9000 )

    Hi spirit let me help you on this one, first you need to set all the led color within the berry buzz application ie: messages , SMS, incoming call and so on.
    Then go to profiles and select to edit profiles and select the profile you want to edit.
    Open the desired profile IE normal, open that one and set all led to off and the tones to silent as well, we'll set them trough berry buzz.
    Now navigate down till you see the option to edit berry buzz profiles, there you should set the led to on and put the desired tone too.
    Save and that should do the trick.

    Keep in mind that don't have the 8330 but berry buzz and use the same setting for almost all devices, post back if you need more help or if I'm not being clear, allow me some time to reply please.

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