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    How To: Wireless Syncing Storm with Mac

    1. Create a gmail account

    2. Download this tool for syncing calendar:

    3. Open this download, enter you gmail account information

    4. Open ical up on the left you see a regular calendar and the gmail calendar.

    5. Export your regular calendar to the desktop and import it to the gmail calendar.

    6. Now all the dates have been copied. (Make sure all changes are in the gmail calendar.)

    7. To take care of contacts, open your address book, go to preferences and click general. Check next to Google, Enter your username and password of your gmail account. Your pc will sync with gmail every hour.

    8. Now, on your storm browser, go to Google Sync and download to you storm.

    9. Make sure in your contacts options that allow duplicates and enabled, BEFORE opening the Google application.

    10. Once downloaded and installed, run the program and enter your username and password to sync.

    You are now done?any changes you make will update within the hour of changing it whichever system you are using it from.
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