Battery Power Saving Tips


    • Charge BlackBerry smartphone as much as possible
    • Use wall chargers as the preferred charging method


    • Reduce volume
    • Use headphones
    • Load media using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Avoids resizing)
    • Turn off equalizer settings (Media – Options)


    • Visit mobile sites where applicable
    • Turn Repeat Animations to a lower setting (Browser – Options – General Properties)
    • Close browser when finished using (close with ESC key, not red End key)


    • Reduce Backlight Timeout (Options – Screen/Keyboard)
    • Reduce Backlight Brightness (Options – Screen/Keyboard)
    • Holster smartphone (turns off LCD automatically)
    • Set Audible Roll to mute (Options – Screen/Keyboard)
    • Key Tone Off (Options – Screen/Keyboard)
    • Use a sleeve when storing the smartphone in a pocket

Network Connections

    • Turn off unused connections when not in use, i.e. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    • Use Auto On/Off
    • Use single mode only (1XEV, 2G only, 3G only)


    • Use shortcuts instead of activating Java menus (Browser – Options – Browser Configuration)


    • Turn off flash (Camera – Options)
    • Set picture size to Small (Camera – Options)
    • Set Color Effect to Normal (Camera – Options)
    • Set Picture Quality to Normal (Camera – Options)


    • When exiting, be sure to close the app, not leave it running in the background (close with ESC key, not red End key)
    • Log out of third-party applications when they are not needed (Instant Messaging, etc.)


    • Set Audible notification to Off (Profiles)
    • Turn off coverage LED (Profiles)


    • Use the zoom out function to get the largest viewable area that you can still use usefully