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    Most Popular BlackBerry Tips and Tricks

    Most Popular BlackBerry Tips and Tricks

    1 - Turn on the backlighting

    • Press Power button.

    2 - Switch to another program
    • Hold the Alt key and press the Escape button. Continue to hold the Alt key and select a program. Release the Alt key to switch to that program.

    3 - Exit a screen or dialog box
    • Press the Escape button.

    4 - Insert a period
    • Press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized.

    5 - Insert the at sign (@) and periods in an Email field
    • Press the Space key.

    6 - Type an accent or special character
    • Hold the letter key and roll the trackball/trackwheel.

    7 - Capitalize a letter
    • Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.

    8 - Move the cursor in a different direction
    • The Alt key and roll the trackball/trackwheel.

    9 - Change an option field
    • Hold the Alt key. Click a value.

    10 - Move to an item in a list or menu
    • Press the first letter of the item.

    11 - Select a check box
    • Press the Space key. To clear the check box, press the Space key again.

    12 - Select a line of text
    • Press the Shift key and roll the trackball/trackwheel.

    13 - Move down a screen
    • Press the Space key.

    14 - Move up a screen
    • Press the Shift key + the Space key.

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    Nice, thanks for sharing.

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