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    Lightbulb BB Starting to feel slow?? Perform Custom Backup!

    Is your BB starting to feel so slow?? Upgrading the OS is not helping the speed to improve drastically? Nor is a Hybrid? Fear not, this guide will help you restore your BB to an almost new state without losing your contacts, emails, BBM contacts, etc.

    Overtime, as you would install and uninstall apps, the key certificates, application permissions, and other things tend to build up and make your BB perform very slow. When you upgrade your OS, as you restore the backup, those obsolete app permissions, keystore optionsk handheld agent options, are back on your new OS so this trend will just continue.

    Here is how to overcome this:

    Optional: Backup your apps separately using BB Hybrid Tools or any similar app ( I Personally don't do this as I just download all my apps again from my saved bookmarks to ensure I get the latest versions)

    1) Connect to your computer and Launch BlackBerry Desktop Software (DM)

    2) Click on Backup Now

    3) Instead of full, this time select Custom

    4) Click on the checkbox next to Data Type to automatically select all the fields (this will save us time selecting the items as there are many)

    5) Now we need to uncheck the following items:

    • Application Permissions
    • Browser Cache
    • Content Store
    • Handheld Key Store
    • Service Book (optional, but I do it anyway since Service books are restored as soon as your SIM Card is registered on the network anyway)
    • Time Zones
    • Trusted Key Store

    6) Now create the backup using these options.

    7) Wipe your BlackBerry using BBSAK (or any other tool you prefer)

    8) Install the new OS on your computer, then delete the Vendor.xml file

    9) Run loader.exe to start the installation process. (Shrink first if you are familiar with that)

    10) As soon as your OS is installed and you have the BlackBerry ready to use, restore your custom backup file which we just created, then perform a battery pull.

    11) Finally, start installing back all your applications / themes or just restore them if you choose to do it that way had you had made a backup of the apps separately.

    Enjoy your new BB

    Matrix Leader

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