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    Why do I need a Data Plan?

    Many current BlackBerry users and future BlackBerry users have always asked the question - Why must I pay $30 to have a Data? These days most Mobile Carriers force this data plan upon you, and give you no choice, but there are still some who will let you choose for yourself. Regardless if the choice is yours or not, the following guide will explain the benefits (or lack of benefits) to having a BlackBerry data plan, generic data plan or no data plan.

    With NO data plan you may:
    • make phone calls
    • send/receive text SMS messages
    • NOT use any instant messenger program that anyone has found so far
    • use the device as a standalone PIM
    • NOT send or receive any information over the internet, in any way shape or form, despite what you heard about it being possible

    With a generic data plan you may do all of the above plus:
    • use a third party browser like Opera Mini, but NOT the resident BlackBerry browser
    • may get email either via a web interface (using Opera) or other third party app, but NOT BlackBerry push email
    • use a number of third party applications that require net access, including some instant messenger programs, as long as they're available to install from DM because:
    • canNOT install apps OTA because that requires the resident browser
    • canNOT use BlackBerry messenger or do PIN-->PIN messaging

    With a BlackBerry data plan you may do all of the above plus:
    • receive true BlackBerry push email from up to 10 different email accounts
    • use the resident BlackBerry supplied browser to access the internet
    • install applications OTA via the supplied resident browser
    • use BlackBerry Messenger and send PIN-->PIN messages

    Here are some very common questions about data plans and there answers.

    Do I need a data plan to get email?
    • Yes, without a data plan all you have is phone, SMS, and PIM services. (ie... Outlook, Contacts, Calendar ect..)

    Do I need a data plan to access the internet?
    • Yes you will need a data plan to access the internet

    Do I need a data plan for MMS?
    • Yes, on most carriers, you will need a data plan to send/retrieve MMS messages.

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    Anyway around these limitations?

    Thanks for this great overview.

    I have a Bold 9700 running with a generic data plan (very few carriers in Denmark offer a BB dataplan :guilty: and my carrier "CallMe" doesn't have one).

    I have downloaded Opera and is able to browse the web, but I would really love to get apps like facebook and twitter to work as well. Is it possible at all? Any ideas?

    Also - what email program would you recommend to access a hotmail account?

    Thanks in advance, Torben

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