Have a data plan and looking to optimize your data usage? - Then you'll want to read on for some pointers posted by InsideBB...

As you probably already know from this post about data efficiency, BlackBerry® smartphones are designed to be data efficient. But did you know that BlackBerry smartphones can give you more of what you love (including more emails, more web browsing and more social networking) for the same amount of data as other leading smartphones? We call this DataSmart™ technology and it’s only available with BlackBerry smartphones. What is DataSmart technology? Well, the simplest way to think about it is to compare it to zipping large files on your computer. When you use data on a BlackBerry smartphone, it’s almost as if the data is zipped up before it’s sent or received, so it’s smaller and uses up less of your data plan.
In fact, according to a new study by Rysavy Research*, only BlackBerry smartphones with DataSmart technology enable up to 2x more web browsing, 4x more email and 2x more social networking than other leading smartphones within your fixed data plan. According to Peter Rysavy, benefits of BlackBerry smartphones with DataSmart technology could include lower monthly service plans, faster application operation and increased battery life.
Now with more carriers in the USA introducing fixed data plans, many BlackBerry smartphone users (like you!) are more likely to stay within their fixed data plans and their budget. For more information on DataSmart technology, visit our BlackBerry DataSmart technology page.
– Andrew Bocking, VP Handheld Software Product Management