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    Lamb For The Dragon – our first PlayBook game

    Hi Guys,

    We are a small company of independent games developers which based in Moscow, Russia.
    Take a look at our first PlayBook game: Lamb For The Dragon


    You are a dragon, who really likes (to eat) sheep but it's not that easy to get them. The goats are guarded by many people who also need them for some reason.
    Feel like a hungry dragon, steal sheep and try to get away from loads of enemies. The collected sheep will help you to evaluate, to gain new abilities and become more powerful.

    Main features:
    -2 modes: "Story" and "Survival"
    -27 levels in the "Story" mode
    -global ranking system (SCORELOOP), which allows players to compete using different platforms (PlayBook, iOs, Android, Bada).

    You can get Lite and Full versions of Lamb for the Dragon on BlackBerry AppWorld )

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    Looks like a cool game. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks, Joe)

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