Discuss Magmic’s BlackJack King Chip Sale On Until May 25th
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Thread: Discuss Magmic’s BlackJack King Chip Sale On Until May 25th

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    Discuss Magmic’s BlackJack King Chip Sale On Until May 25th

    If you are a fan of Magmic's Poker & BlackJack card games for BlackBerry, you may already be aware that they currently have a Chip Sale for BlackJack King. The Chips are available for purchase within the app. I'll be honest, I faithfully play BlackJack King every day almost sacrilegiously & this sale is quite exciting for my in-game bankroll!

    • 250,000 chips – $6.99
    • 1,000,000 chips – $14.99
    • 4,000,000 chips – $39.99
    • 10,000,000 chips – $79.99
    • 50,000,000 chips – $99.99
    • 200,000,000 chips – $299.99

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