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    Game Review, Crazy Survival

    Every now and then there is a game that I come across that is so addicting I just cant stop playing. Crazy Survival, by TechSoft Venture is one of those games. I was first introduced to Crazy Survival by a friend, and he assured me that I would enjoy the enjoy the game. I hesitated at first because, it been a while since I have played a good game on my BlackBerry. However, I was glad that I decided to download this game.

    At first glance Crazy Survival isn't one of those games that are especially appealing to the eyes. Its strictly one dimensional and at times feels like viewing a old school flip book. So its not graphically stunning like some other games out there. The big hit with this game is the concept behind it.

    Controls on BlackBerry games often get clunky and confusing. With this game its pretty easy you simply move right or left. Touch screen devices have it really easy, because all you have to do is touch the screen in the direction you want to go. Yep, its really that easy. If you have a non touch screen device you may assign keys for movement. So with this game navigation is not a problem.

    So what makes this game so addicting? The game play. This like the navigation is so easy so even non gamers can quickly grasp the movement within the game. The object of the game is to avoid getting hit by the balls being dropped from the left of the screen. You start off with ten lives and every time you get hit with a ball you lose a life. Sounds easy enough with ten lives right? Wrong, after a while you get bombarded with balls, and you can quickly see how those lives go "poof", in seconds.

    Simple concept, easy movement, and hours of fun make this my game of the week. The game is available in two version free and premium. The free version is ad supported, and I believe the premium has no adds. You can download it here:

    Free Crazy Survival FREE - Download Crazy Survival FREE - Free Games from BlackBerry App World

    Here is how I graded it based on a 5 star rating system with 5 being the best.

    Fun Factor





    Game Control


    My highest score is 65. Can you beat that? Post your scores or screen shot of your high score below.

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    Wow!!!! Nice game.... but i never played this games.....

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