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    Sunday Funday: NinjaFruitBash

    In Sunday and it is time for this weeks game review. This week we will be reviewing a single player game. Ninja Fruit Bash is a very addicting and fun game. The graphics and power usage are great.

    This game is simple, to the point and fun to play.

    The first thing you will notice is (on the 9880 Torch) that this game can not be player in portrait mode. You will need to tilt your phone and play the game in landscape mode, or horizontally. This is forced on you by the game, however I truly think it helps anyway. It is pretty easy to play the game holding the phone in landscape, i would think that hold it vertically would not be that fun.

    After you have booted up Ninja Fruit Bash and click New Game, you will notice some intro slides and a map of levels. The polt or story line to this game is quite confusing and I still do not understand it completely. First you will pick the next level available and start your game. As each level is completed you will be one step closer to total domination.

    So you have gone through the entry and you are now ready to play your game. Now you will start to see fruit popping up from the bottom of the screen. As they slide up, slide your finger across the screen and slice them up. You are slicing them with your finger ninja sword :-) and cutting them in half. While you are slashing away beware that an occasional bomb will float up with some fruit. You do not want to slice your sword through the bomb, for obvious reasons... BOOM, Game Over!

    So, the concept is simple. Slash the fruit without hitting the bombs. There is no time limit, so you are in no rush. This is nice, however you must also make sure you hit EVERY fruit that pops up. If you let 3 fall, you will loose. Slash your fruit quickly and make sure you dont miss any. Make sure you also try and hit as many as you can in one slash. If you can 3 or more with a single slash of your sword, you will receive combo bonuses.

    Using all the information above, try to get your score as high as possible. Make sure you get throw the easy rounds and score high points. The further you get in the game, the fast the fruit flies and the more bombs soar. If you happen to score high, let us know what your high score is. Here is a quick screenshot of my high score chart. Keep in mind, this is just me messing around for testing purposes!

    One thing I like about this game, would have to be the instructions and about us page. I think it is good for the game and the players to include both. They are both very easy to read and understand. Adding these to the game only enhances its user friendliness.

    ...and thats it! The game is very fun to play, addicting and competitive. Make sure to download your copy today and let us know your high score.

    Sunday Funday Rating: Graded 0 to 5 Stars (5 Being the Best)
    Fun Factor:
    Plot Line or Concept:
    Visual Graphics:
    Speed of Game (How Smooth it Runs):
    Glitches and Errors (1 is a ton and 5 is no errors):
    Power Usage:

    Overall Sunday Funday Rating: 3.89 Stars

    Overall, this is a very good app and I completely recommend you buy this now!

    This is a Sunday Funday game review from the personal opinions of TheOnlyJrod (Jarrod Wallach). All games tested and reviewed are tested on a BlackBerry 9800, using the OS listed in my profile. I am a BlackBerry certified support representative, ex-AT&T Store Manager and a bona fide BlackBerry junkie. All games are rating on a 1 Star, with one meaning "don't use this app even if they pay you", to 5 stars, "if you don't have this app yet, you need to be smacked!", rating system. If you have a game you would like to be reviewed, please email and I will get with you ASAP.

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