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    Its Sunday Funday again and I have a great review for your today. Today I am not going to tell you how great this game is, but I will be warning you not to waste your money. Yes you heard it right, TRANSFORMERS™: DARK OF THE MOON™, will not get a recommendation from me.

    There are a few things in this game that are just 100% deal breakers for any person gaming on their BlackBerry device. When it comes to this game, I have seen so many other games that blow it out of the water.

    One of the first things I would normally do when I start a Sunday Funday game review, is taking screenshots. I could not even take custom screenshots with this game, because the game blocks out my convenience key and would not let my screenshot app capture the screen. WHO DOES THIS? Why would a developer not want their consumers taking screenshots of the game and sharing them?? This was the first thing that sent this game into the danger zone for me. Even though I was unable to take my own screenshots I still feel the need to share some pictures with you, so I have pulled the game screenshots off the games App World page. Of course they are really good looking screenshots because the developer has chosen the best of the best to put up on App World.

    This is a look at the games screenshots while in action. Most of the game takes place in two modes. Robot Form (non-vehicle) and Vehicle Form, unfortunately you are unable to switch between the modes or transform. You either do a Vehicle Mode level or a Robot Mode level. This is another negative to this game.

    BlackBerry App World Review:
    • Poor (1 out of 5 stars)
    • July 04, 2011
    • Version 1.0
    • By: greigh macmichael
    I was not expecting much. Controls were clumsy at best. Haven't played much but from what I can tell you can't transform. I would not recommend this for anyone with a Torch.

    Another negative for me, which could be a positive depending on your personality, would be the game play style. The game is built and played in a very arcade style of gaming. It reminds me of an old X-Men or Ninja Turtles arcade game. You can go left or right or up or down and only fight enemies on your level. Your punches or bullets only go left and right. This makes for a very awkward game play and is very hard to portrait on a BlackBerry. The controls are said to be very hard to use and I completely agree!

    BlackBerry App World Review:
    • Good (3 out of 5 stars)
    • July 03, 2011
    • Version 1.0
    • By: victron11142
    Its alrite I guss but that controls kinda suck

    Lastly, I have to say the only good or positive aspect to the game would be the power moves and garage. The power moves are big energy blast that shoot from your cannons and kill the enemies much quick then standard moves. I think this is a fun feature of the game. Also the garage is an added bonus. Getting to upgrade your parts and progress along the story line is kinda fun too.


    Sunday Funday Rating: Graded 0 to 5 Stars (5 Being the Best)
    Fun Factor:


    Plot Line or Concept:


    Visual Graphics:

    Gaming Controls:

    Speed of Game (How Smooth it Runs):

    Glitches and Errors (1 is a ton and 5 is no errors):

    Power Usage:


    Overall Sunday Funday Rating: 2.60 Stars

    In the end, I would only recommend you purchase this game if you are that desperate to get a new game or just have the money to waste. For the amount of money you will spend buying this game, you could put a gallon of gas in your car, and that would be a better use of your money! I personally would much rather play Brick Breaker, its free!

    If you have this game let us know what you think!!!
    If you still want to buy this game or just check it out, head over to App World: TRANSFORMERS™: DARK OF THE MOON™

    Past Sunday Funday's:
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    This is a bad game, unfortunately Blackberries are not designed for games. Sorry that sounded so negative.
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