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So I upgraded to os 7.1 during the week and thought I'd phone vodafone uk because I had read that you needed to phone them to activate the mobile hotspot option so I did and spoke to a representative... Turns out he had no idea what I was on about and said I must have a faulty handset. Anyone else phoned them and got it activated? Or is it not available for uk or vodafone?
Works for me. here's the screenshot. I upgraded my 9380 into OS from other carrier since on Telkomsel there's no available update, I just delete the vendor.xml file. And everything is fine till now. I checked and it costs more on the data connection. Perhaps I have to apply for the other data plan that covered all the data connection.

(Sorry, forget to capture when the other devices connect to the Mobile Hotspot)

wifi hotspot activation on os 7.1-screen_20120711_00167.jpgwifi hotspot activation on os 7.1-screen_20120710_235926.jpgwifi hotspot activation on os 7.1-screen_20120710_235858.jpg