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Thread: skype client

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    skype client

    Hi friends,
    i have problem because i can not find any skype client who can connect on internet with wi-fi network on my Javelin(OS
    I tryed IM+ but new wersion do not have to work properly-after 30sec say that connection is corupted.
    Palringo dont have skype support.
    Fring dont have version for BlackBerry(only mini fring version but they dont working with wi-fi network).
    Can anybody help me and write some manual for begining.
    Thank you in advance.

    Greetings from Serbia.
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    sunkast Guest
    Sorry no one has replied to your post. I know there is an official Skype client for BB in the works. But no ETA on when it may be out. I'll see if anyone else has an idea for you.

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    Sunkast is right there really no good Skype client as of yet. It is still in early testing. But if you want to give it a shot, here it is:

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