I know I'm new here but here is my theme, I'm fairly new developer of themes. Let me know what you think!

Theme name: Clear

Theme author: C Themes

Theme credits:
Don't remember where I found the wallpaper, and FTWrath for the original icons

Download Link(s):

8900 Curve: Click Here

Theme Cost: On Sale for $1.99

Clear has all new Icons, in HD quality, sharp and crisp, they look amazing on all BlackBerry screens! Clear also has a Hidden Today feature for "Messages, SMS/MMS, and Calendar". Along with a "Weather Slot" in the upper right corner, you also have a mini "Profile Icon" in the top left section of the banner! Clear is wall paper friendly. Every single pixel was looked at for this theme, detail is everything, nothing was missed at all! Download now for your BlackBerry!


The screen shots don't do this theme justice!

* New Icons
* High Quality
* Tested to perfection
* Weather Slot (7th icon)
* Hidden Today Slot
* Mini Profiles Icon on Home screen
* Not a pixel out of place
* Special requests are being taken, please email me for requests.