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    FREE: Today+ Theme

    Theme name: Bill Today 5
    Theme author: Bill Andrews
    Theme credits: Based on icons in tool
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 8900 running 5.0+
    Download Link(s): Blackberry Downloads
    Theme Cost: Free

    I've been a Blackberry nut :1244: for many years now. I have tried many free and purchased many premiuim themes. Each one had its nice features and ironically, the slicker they are, usually the performance and functionality suffer. So I decided to take matters in my own hand and put together a Today+ theme that encompasses most of the functions I use on a daily basis.

    The 8900 theme for 5.0 features:
    * 8 user defined slots
    * 5 fixed functions (Manage wireless, Options, Messages, Calendar, Browser)
    * Homescreen banner items relocated to make maximum use of screen space
    * Screen and menu transitions

    I use pictures from my home (get it, my home screen :haha

    The theme is called "Bill Today 5" and you can get it at Blackberry Downloads

    If you are interested, I will use 4 of your home pics and personalize it for you :hail:.

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    This would be nice, and personalized with my pics. I may give it a shot.
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