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    OS Update Failure

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an interesting situation. I am trying to update my 8330 OS from to the official Verizon version of I am using a Vista Laptop and the phone is on BES. I also use BIS, but that should have nothing to do with tha problem I have. The DM is installed with the business email option (BES). The following is the what is known so far:

    1. Current DM is v 5.0
    2. I have tried DM v 4.5
    3. I have tried not using DM. Instead, utilizing the App Loader (Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/App Loader)
    4. I have tried using both the "Backup Option" during update as well as "Do Not Backup Files" during update
    5. When the installation reaches "Connecting to Device ROM", the red LED glows and never goes out. Ultimately the update fails.

    The interesting part is when I get to my office tomorrow, and go through the same routine on my XP computer, everything will work and the update will be successful. This is not my first attempt to verify this process and it does work well with XP. And, if it could get get a little bit more strange, my Storm will update fine on my Vista laptop.

    When the update is complete on my XP, I will be able to go back to the Vista computer, fire-up DM, connect the 8330, and all functions will be normal. Everything works except OS updates.

    This is not mission critical since I have a "2 computer work-around" that will update my phone. However, if anyone can come-up with a fix that would makie my Vista system work with the 8330, it would go a long way toward bringing me back from spending the energy it takes to swim upstream.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same situation.


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    I actually ran into that same problem on my new vista laptop when wiping and re installing the OS on my Tour frustrated me to no end that is for sure. I finally got it to work on Vista buy rebooting the phone and plugging into the PC as soon as the boot up process started.

    It hasn't happened since so not sure what the issue was?

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