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    8330 Media Card Format

    Hi guys...I have problem with my 8330 curve. I purchased a new media card for the phone, but, the phone will not recognize the card. I get a message after installation and rebooting that media card detected, but, when I try to format the card I get an error stating unable to format. If I access the video app, I am instructed to install a media card. I have tried all that I can think of including formatting the card with my pc. Nothing seems to work.
    by the way, I took the same card and installed it in my wife's 8330 and it works fine. All settings seem to be the same on both phones. Can anyone help me with this problem? Adam

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    Very interesting issue and it sounds like it's very frustrating too! Curious: Does her card work in your phone? Does your old card still work in your phone? If not, maybe there's a problem with the card holder?
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