i saw a couple of vids on youtube that had the blackberryos logo on it. i think it was for an assembly of a bb.

anyway, i was wondering if whoever is responsible for those vids, if they can make a vid about how to change the charging port on a curve 83xx/pearl 81xx/world 88xx. i know soldering is required and its a bit more advanced than taking a bb apart and putting it back together. if there are any experienced bb repair techs out there that are willing to post up a clip on how to change/repair a broken charging port, it would be much appreciated!

i know i'm not the only one who's encountered this problem and i'm also sure that i'm not the only one who doesn't wanna pay $40 - $80 to get it replaced.....

btw, as far as i know, there is no one on youtube (or thru my google search) that has a video up on how to repair/replace a charging port for a bb.......especially from start to finish (taking the bb apart, replacing the usb port and then reassembling the bb).

so if u want bragging rights..........here's ur chance!

ps. i will subscribe to ur channel on youtube for sure!
pps. no need to stop at just the curve/pearl/world editions. u might as go all out and do any bb that came out after the world edition!