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    Verizon 9630 (Tour)

    8330 vzw, .230 OS problems

    A friend of mine is having problems with his Curve 8330. He's got Verizon and we recently installed OS but he's having a lot of problems with it.

    Here are his problems:

    - the calls are static filled and he gets a chirp at random times (loud)
    - it locks up all the time
    - videos don't play
    - can't send an sms from inside address book (contacts)
    - gps on bb maps doesn't work
    - media player won't play more than one song, goes silent after first song

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix these or perhaps a link to an OS that will get rid of these problems? He says he's tried .77 (from factory) and that it was stable, it just wasn't the best on battery life and .138 was even worse than .230 (signal bounce problems - he even got a replacement from verizon because of it). Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I've used three OS for my curve. the factory (.77) it was perfect for me, had no problems.

    I upgraded to US Cellular (.169) official where I started with the chirp but all else ran great. Chirp not bad, but annoying.

    Just recently upgraded to Sprint (.175) just to see a difference, did not notice much except for the chirp is still there but not as bad.

    I have never tried a hybrid nor 5.0 so I don't know any more than that. The GPS not working and the media player issues are known issues of 5.0 that I've read about on other forums and is one reason why I didn't do the 5.0. upgrade.

    don't know if that helps, but I'm liking it. My memory has been hanging around 24mb and doesn't seem to go lower than that. I had dropped to 17mb with .175 and after a little memory cleaning it seemed to perform at the 23-24mb level. (I was bad for a while not performing regular maintenance on it.)

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    I would start with a wipe and reload. If that doesn't turn out well, go back to the 4.5 OS.

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    5.0 said freeze and I got numb!!!

    I would try a hybrid for the 8330 with OS I installed it on my wife's curve and it elliminated the media problem with stopping after the 1st song (although that is a problem with all .230 in general). I installed the updated version of Google Maps on her phone to fix the BB Maps issue. She does not have static or chirping with her phone. I am unsure of what that problem is.
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    did he do a full back up?

    have him only back up via advanced and only back up anything with a value ie contacts calander, bbm, so on and so forth

    this will resolve most of the issues as I am sure the 4.5 files are causing issues when restored onto 5.0 firmware

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