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    Firewall for Blackberry os

    hey guys....i just found a suspicous thing happing......i am a vodafone user and when i keep my data services on.....dont know but some how behind the scences blackbbery connects to the internet it my balance gets short by 10paise in every 15minutes.....guys any help on this.....also if thrs any gud firewall software that cld block such unauthorized access to internet behind the scences....

    i tried by turning off the data services....and when in do that he does not connects to the internet behind the scences.....but thats not the solution as when i wld be accessing internet ill hav 2 keep the data services on.....any solutions...plz...

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    Hello Jude,

    There are a few things you may do to help control your data usage with your carrier. Hopefully some of the following suggestions will help you:

    1.I know you mentioned turning off the data services,but really the is the best way to completely ensure that you will not have any data being used. So thats why im putting this at the top of the list.

    Just to make sure. You may turn off your data by doing the following:

    Open up to your Applications menu and scroll to Manage Connections. Underneath the check boxes you’ll see a selection which reads Mobile Network Options. Scroll down and click the trackball on it.

    There you’ll be able to see available mobile networks along with a few options, including Data Services. You can turn it off, or turn it off only when roaming.

    2. Take a close look at the apps you are running. Many apps run in the background, and consume small amounts of data at various times. Check applications like Facebook, and twitter.

    3. Use a third party app to help you control your data usage. There is a great one made by S4BB that actually warns you when you are getting close to going over your data plan. It is currently in beta but it may be worth checking out. You may do that here:

    S4BB Limited » Network Traffic Control Beta 2 for BlackBerry Smartphones Released

    Hope this helps.

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    GPS apps are also huge drainers on data and battery life.

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