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    By the time they are here, I will be able to afford it hopefully
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Jerde View Post
    Thankfully they are coming.

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    Blackberry Curve 3G (9330)
    Quote Originally Posted by thechew80 View Post
    I've read all these threads and nothing works. I can't find the download of OS 5 anywhere ( was recommended)! And there's no OS6 under Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs to delete either.

    I really need help as I'm not having any success with this...

    BB Pin is 3261F2B2
    Ignoring the fact that I feel like a hypocrite (with some of the new releases of OS6 over the past month and a half, things are runn#post220180ing smoothly again!), I did notice something interest that might help you in the Desktop Manager.

    As I was going through a standard back-up of files, the update manager popped up asking me to update my OS (since I was running a version of OS6 older than the most current official version). It did give me the option to downgrade at the point to the old build. I never noticed anything like this before with Desktop Manager, so I am not entirely sure where this happened. I was running the newest version of the Desktop Manger, so perhaps it is a new feature to automatically downgrade to official versions.

    Hope this helps!

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    BB os 6 downgrade to os 5

    Quote Originally Posted by kau1225 View Post
    As I write this post, I'm not sure if I'm searching for a consensus from the collective knowledge of BBOS or just blubbering my own opinion.

    I have now had the Curve 3G (9330) from Sprint since the first week it came out (I think early October) and am generally satisfied. The phone originally came loaded with OS5, which I was quite familiar with due to my previous Blackberry, a Bold 9700 on T-Mobile. The moment a leaked version of OS6 came out, I loaded it up on my phone; however, my phone regurgitated the software and was not happy, forcing me to reload OS5.

    Eventually, a stable leaked version of OS6 came out (around mid-October) and like any obsessed crackberry addict, I immediately loaded it up. Since that time I have had either an official or leaked version of OS6 installed on my phone.

    Overall, I love OS6. Everything about the phone felt natural, the new browser was zippy with the tabs, multitasking ran smoother, and I found little to no faults. The more I used OS6, the stronger my attachment to it became, which began clouding the realization that I came to: the Curve 3G (9330) should not run any of the current official or leaked versions OS6.

    The main problem that I continually faced with OS6 was its processor requirements. Opening SMSs, emails, and even BBMs took well over 5 seconds to load, and sometimes over 15. Now this might not seem like a long time, but when you continually keep your phone in your hand waiting for an email or a text message, opening a message thread and waiting becomes bothersome. When I finally accepted this issue, I began noticing that other applications were not running as quickly as they did on OS5.

    Over the weekend, I made the depressing decision to downgrade to OS5 (, the latest official release from Sprint). Within a day, I began wondering whether I was happy or not. OS5's visual interface is not only ugly, but immature looking compared to OS6. The natural feel I became accustomed to on my BB turned into the old method, simply being familiar with OS5. Even with all these negatives, I am satisfied with the downgrade. The phone efficiently does all the tasks that I need it to complete (e.g., allowing me to place calls, receiving text messages/emails, navigation, and basic web browsing) without any of the delayed responses that I encountered running OS6.

    I suppose the best way to end this ramble would to pose the following questions to BBOS members. Has anyone else downgraded? If so, do you regret the decision? Did anyone else have problems with OS6 on their Curve 9330? Is anyone else running OS6 on phones originally running OS5? If so, does OS6 run well (I'm really curious to how it is running on the Bold 9650/9700)?
    Yo Wassup...

    Thanx for this info yo.

    Let me ask you something before I downgrade...did you find the same connection problems with os 5 that you did (if you had internet connectivity using the native browser) with os 6?

    And, do you know of any themes for os 5 that look/function like os 6? That's the only good thing about this f***ked up os!!!

    And, again (lol), how do I go about downloading and using Full Version of apps for os 5? Do you have trusted sites to visit for this?

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