BlackBerry Audiophiles can now play their lossless music on their BlackBerries as long as it's a Torch 9800 or a Curve 9300. What the heck is a FLAC or an OGG Vorbis you ask? Here's a little background on both open source codecs:

OGG Vorbis(.ogg) is an audio compression format similar to MP3 and AAC and other digital audio formats. It's difference is that it is unpatented, open source and completely free. Vorbis was originally intended to replace .mp3's but never really caught on.

Free Lossless Audio Codec(.flac) is another audio compression codec which can decompress a digital audio recording by approximately 50-60% of it's original size while providing an identical copy. FLAC files are generally alot larger in size than other formats.

This is definately a nice support feature on the Torch 9800 and Curve 9300. If you haven't had the chance to compare your MP3 audio against a FLAC file, give it try, you WILL be amazed at the difference.

What are your thoughts on these two audio codecs being supported by BlackBerry? If you're an audiophile, I'm sure your'e extremely pleased to hear this. Give us your thoughts on this added support.