Rumor has it that either the 9300 or the AWS 8500 have been shipped to the FCC for approval. I suspect that it’s the BlackBerry Kepler Curve 9300. RIM does a great job at concealing model numbers when they send these devices into the FCC, but the Curve label at the top is pretty much a dead giveaway. The redefined shape and overall “curvey” bottom also closely resembles the 9300. We have been talking about this BlackBerry for a while now, so this really doesn’t come to any surprise. You may already know that this model is the new 85xx series hence the rumor of this being the AWS 8500. What you may not know is that Engadget has confirmed that this will be a tri-band CDMA device. All-in-all, we have a new device coming soon. Let’s hope that RIM stays on the ball here and gets the Clamshell and the Slider devices pushed through.