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    smart phone is not a phone anymore

    I can't make calls anymore. I can't recieve calls anymore!
    The phone function of my Classic Is not... functioning anymore. But the surfing one does, nice and smooth, 4G.
    I can also text and mms is working, too.
    When I try to make calls i get a call failure:"That call could not be connected. Please try again later."
    When people try to reach me, it's as if I wasn't available and I recieve a call memo.
    I will try to switch the SIM card with another one, but other than that, I don't see where the issue could come from.
    Have anyone already encountered such a problem?

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    Okay, the problem is not coming from the SIM card. It is not either blocked by the provider, or faulty. It is working perfectly well in an other phone and when an other SIM is inserted in my BB Classic, I have the same problem... no calls.
    So I'm pretty sure now it is a software or hardware issue.
    But other than that, I don't where to go from now on.
    If anyone has any idea...

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