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    Need help getting OS7.1 on my 9900

    I have a 9900 that was replaced by my employer with a more modern phone.
    They replaced it, but never took the 9900 back.
    When I asked they said not to bother getting it back them, and to do what I want with it.
    It is an ATT phone, but is unlocked at this time.

    I travel extensively for my job, and wifi can be a real problem when I am offshore.
    So my boss said I should just get a hotspot and charge them for the sim cards I buy to get interwebs.
    My thinking was that the 9900 IS a hotspot, if I am running 7.1.
    Sadly I am running 7.0 and would need to upgrade.
    But I am having trouble getting it/installing it because I do not have a currently active Blackbery Support account.

    What do I need to do to get the OS7.1 installed?

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    You can manually install any os that is compatible for the 9900. Check out this post form the official BB forums...

    Then check out some OS's for the Bold 9900 here in our downloads center... 9930/9900 Bold - Downloads -

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