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    Honestly, I gave up my Z10 to go backwards to the 9930. After 3 months of trying to like the Z10 I just let it go. There were too may times I found myself trying to accept a bug or wait for an OS update to fix something My 9930 suites me better and is much more polished than any of the OS10 devices in my own experience.

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    This is a real dilemma and I feel the frustration of many users who have eagerly anticipated the long-awaited upgrade to a new BB 10 device only to be disappointed. Whilst some people are still struggling to adapt to the OS, others are either reluctantly turning away or continuing to carry along an older backup device for comfort. I’m deeply concerned about the uncertain future of BB 10 and whether or not it can really succeed in creating that great, refreshing user experience. In my opinion, BB 10 has been plagued by too many, apparently, simple teething problems, such as, late product delivery, difficult learning curve, sub-quality native apps, and general complacency byBlackBerry. Ironically, though, some of the same issues have already been dealt with earlier in BB 4, 5, 6 and 7. Indeed, BB 7 now offers quite a good slate of finely tuned apps so I don’t think that any new or radically different concepts need to be developed for BB 10. Nevertheless, several BB 10 apps are sadly lacking familiar features and details for doing basic tasks. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of some apps, namely, Remember, which has replaced Tasks and MemoPad, but designed only to “remember” date without reference to time. I think that is completely unacceptable and such issues should be addressed immediately, without further delay. Other similar apps in OS6 and OS7 may not be as fancy-looking as those of BB 10, yet they are far more user-friendly and functional. In my case, as a die-hard BB user, I feel almost obliged to carry around an older, yet dependable, Bold 9780 as backup for certain tasks. BlackBerry seems to have lost their solid bone of success in earlier OSes to a sparkling but shadowy image in BB OS and BB 10. Perhaps, most of the current issues will be resolved with the anticipated release of OS 10.2 but, meanwhile and until then, the clock is rapidly ticking away for the very survival of BB 10.
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