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    Another "9900 won't turn on"... But ZERO led flashing

    Let me by introduce myself by saying my first BB was a 9700. I was such a fierce promoter of the darn thing, you'd think I worked for RIM or something.

    Lo-and-behold, I dropped it in a river of slush and ice (no exaggeration here), so I was "forced" to upgrade to a 9900.

    What an absolute pile of doo-doo.

    Ignoring the ridiculously short battery life, the useless touchscreen interface that interferes with "true" touchpad scrolling, the fact that you almost always need to zoom in (or out) of websites...Ad nauseum, everyone who owns one is aware of these issues... ANYWAYS...

    This will be the THIRD time this 9900 makes it's way to RIM. I'm still waiting for compensation for the downtime running back-up phones with no compatibility with BB desktop... I think the only thing left original on this phone is the metal ring on the outside... May I add, this phone is only six months old...

    Long story short, Four hours ago, I made a call. Went to pick up my phone to check my messages shortly after, noticed it was flat dead (so I thought). Possible, I mean, heaven forbid we have a battery last 24 hours with minimal use, right? It came off the charger at 1am prior to shift at work. I drive commercial bus, use is obviously minimal because we have some customers who might object to that.

    No biggy, toss it on the charger, right?


    Pick it up, still dead. No LED flashing. Pull battery. Still dead. Try to connect with BB desktop, with and without battery.

    110% totally bricked. Windows doesn't even recognize a device being plugged in.

    Mr. Heins, this is how you lose a fanatic of your brand and product.

    If it were not for my fond memories of my 9700, I would have eaten a serious loss and ditched my 9900 ages ago.

    RIM should be ashamed of themselves for introducing a "high-end" phone such as the 9900, with the completion and functionality approximately equal to some of those $25 off-the-shelf pay-as-you-go "speshuls"... Disgusting, in a single word.

    To the members here, I've dug through the how-to's and tried what I could, is there something that is not an article that I may have forgotten?

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    mm that's one of those global phone with duality gsm and cdma. Right?... Where did u buy the phone from? I been reading alot lately..and it seemsbthat if u don't get thephone directly from a carrier and having it registered all sorts of mishaps seem to happen. I'm half tempted to ksu wait it out with my curve 8520 and get a bb10 phone in March. LOL and I can go 3 or so days heavy use wifi, blue tooth andntexting on my 8520 with out having to plug it in.. Then again I'm on just a gsm And it won't upgrade past osn5 lol...

    I dunno..I'm like you..... Unofficial RIM rep Preaching BB...evvvverywhere especially now with a playbook in hand as well. I love it!!
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    What operating system is your 9900 running? Some of the first OS that came installed on the 9900 devices were pretty bad. The newer ones work great.

    To find out what OS you are running on your device, go to... Options... Device... About Device Version... and then read the 3rd line down.

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    Okay, I wasn't struck by lightning.

    But the odds were about that.

    Two dead USB cables.
    One dead 120V adapter.
    And one frozen/bricked phone.

    I'll add, I only use genuine BB accessories...

    And no, there were no surges or anything of the sort... But my luck of all those dieing all at the same time... Guess I'm not pickin' up the winning lotto ticket.

    Phone is alive again... Sorta... Still slow as muck...

    I have the latest "official" OS from RIM...

    This is a carrier-locked Roger's phone.


    Still picking up a 9780 sometime this week... Back to what works!

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