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Thanks for the help...well the phone was suppose to be already unlocked. When i go to the "sim card" an type "mepd" the network says "Inactive" and everything else is disable.
I've wiped the phone a few times, both soft/hard...and also changed OS, to both 7.0 & 7.1...an still nothing.
Hello brazilianr14,

From what I see in your last post, it seems your BlackBerry Bold 9780 is already unlocked, these are the proper instructions to either see if your device is already unlocked, or you are preparing to unlock.

1) Go to Options
2) Go to Device
3) Go to Advanced System Settings
4) Go to SIM Card
5) Type "mepd" (please note that you will not see what you type on the screen). A new menu should drop down. If your phone is locked you will see "Active" or "Enabled" beside "Network".

In your case, you see inactive, and everything else is disabled, then yes, your BlackBerry Bold 9780 is completely unlocked.

Can you please contact your current mobile provider, as this issue seems that the carrier would be more helpful at this moment.

Please reply back as we would like to know what the outcome is to your issue, and will become beneficial for other members in the future.

Thank you,