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Thread: who can help me

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    who can help me

    I have a blackberry 9900 and I can not put in 3G, go to Network option I put in just 3g and nothing I can do ?.... is there any program or software for that?

    Post data: if I can answer in Spanish much better.....

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    KGO, siento que usted tenga problemas. está usted con tmobile? si a fin de comprobar su mapa de cobertura para asegurarse de que en un área que T-Mobile tiene cobertura 3G. Su mapa de cobertura se puede encontrar aquí Unsupported Browser También cuando se lo enciende, lo da un error? o es simplemente sentarse ahí? mensaje de vuelta con sus resultados. Espero que esto ayude, pero si no te recomiendo llamar al servicio técnico. 1-800-937-8997 tratar de no llamar desde su teléfono.


    kgo, sorry your having issues. are you with t mobile? if so check their coverage map to make sure your in an area that T-Mobile has 3g coverage. Their coverage map can be found here Unsupported Browser Also when you turn it on, does it give an error? or does it just sit there? post back with your results. hope this helps but if not i recommend you call tech support. 1-800-937-8997 try not to call from your phone.


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