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    BBOS Sightings Of The White BlackBerry Bold 9900

    So far I don't have much to go by, just a few pictures of the white BlackBerry Bold 9900 at Rogers and Vodafone UK, but as far as I'm concerned, that's a good start. Throughout the upcoming holiday season and beyond, I'll be keeping track of official news and rumors of where the white 9900 has any connection to being sold. Now mind y'all, I'm only human, so if I happen to miss a country or carrier on accident: let me know! I check my RSS feed on my own BlackBerry religiously it seems like, in hopes of finding any word that the white 9900 has finally showed up in the AT&T phone catalog, but that by no means that I won't skim a little too quickly and miss a new "BBOS Sighting". So for your own viewing pleasure, BlackBerryOS brings you a world map of white BlackBerry Bold 9900 sightings!
    • Has a little friend whispered in your ear about the release of a white Bold 9900 in a new area? Pass it on and make our day!
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